800 MHz Transition Administrator

The 800 MHz Transition Administrator (TA) is an independent organization established pursuant to the Commission's 800 MHz Report and Order to administer the 800 MHz rebanding process and review rebanding expenditures for compliance with the Commission's rules. The TA is responsible for administration of the band reconfiguration process subject to the Commission's direction and oversight. The TA works directly with all licensees affected by band reconfiguration.

The purpose of the TA is to ensure a smooth transition to the new 800 MHz band plan by having the relocation process managed by an independent party, subject to Commission oversight. The TA oversees the administration and financial aspects of the band reconfiguration process and ensures that reconfiguration is achieved with minimal disruption to licensees, particularly public safety entities.

The TA consists of a team of personnel from BearingPoint, Inc.; Squire, Sanders, & Dempsey, LLP; and Baseline Telecom, Inc. The TA was selected by a search committee of representatives of five major stakeholders in the 800 MHz band: Nextel Communications, Inc., the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials - International (APCO), the Industrial Telecommunications Association (ITA), SouthernLINC, and the Utilities Telecommunications Council (UTC).

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