Healthcare Healthcare practitioners, emergency medical personnel and nursing staff require access to reliable communications. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities rely on the communications infrastructure to deliver quality healthcare and disseminate information during emergencies.

PSHSB provides information about federal resources, development of emergency communications plans, and enrollment in priority services.

Below are examples of services and information for Healthcare:

Priority Services

PSHSB will assist healthcare providers with enrollment of critical communications circuits in the Telecommunications Services Priority (TSP) program, which provides for priority provisioning and restoration of essential telecommunications services. PSHSB will also assist healthcare entities with requests for enrollment in Wireless Priority Service (WPS) and Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) . These programs are an important aspect of emergency communications planning, especially for those who rely on communications to respond to events and incidents on a daily basis.


The PSHSB Clearinghouse is dedicated to the collection, evaluation and dissemination of information for the public safety community. The Clearinghouse has a section of documents specifically tailored to the healthcare community, which includes grant information, emergency plans, and best practices.

Emergency Planning Guidelines

These Emergency Planning Guidelines provide a framework for emergency preparedness which organizations can use to develop emergency communications plans.


The Federal Government estimates that as much as 40 percent of the workforce, including personnel supporting critical communications infrastructure, will be absent during the height of a pandemic. Learn More >>

Emergency Assistance

Richard Lee
phone: 202-418-1104
mobile: 202-417-6559

Eric Panketh
phone: 202-418-7371

Technical Advice

Dr. William Lane
phone: 202-418-0676
mobile: 202-355-2420

Jeffery Goldthorp
phone: 202-418-1096
mobile: 202-253-1595


Genaro Fullano
phone: 202-418-0492