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Hurricane Information

Hurricane Watch

Hurricanes are the biggest natural disasters threatening the Southern USA. The official hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30 with the strongest activity usually occuring in August and September.

On this page is information provided by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau for hurricane preparedness, response, and recovery.


  • 9/21/2011
    Tips for Communicating Before, During & After Disasters
    Joint FEMA & FCC Release: Word
  • 9/21/2011
    FEMA & FCC Unveil New Tip Sheet for Consumers on How To Communicate During Disasters.
    News Release: Word
  • 8/27/2011
    Important Tips to Communicate During Emergencies for Residents Preparing for Hurricane Irene. FCC closely monitoring path of Hurricane Irene, coordinating with FEMA and other federal partners for emergency preparation and response.
    News Release: Acrobat
  • 8/26/2011
    The FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Announces the Activation of the Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) in Response to Hurricane Irene.
    Public Notice: Word | Acrobat
  • 8/26/2011
    The International Bureau Issues Procedures To Provide Emergency Communications in Areas Affected by Hurricane Irene.
    Public Notice: Word | Acrobat
  • 5/26/2010
    In Preparation for Hurricane Season the FCC Reminds Communications Providers that the Agency can Assist Them with Their Emergency Response Efforts.
    Public Notice: Word | Acrobat