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Policy and Licensing Division

FCC Headquarters, Washington DC

The Policy and Licensing Division (P&L) drafts, develops, and administers rules, regulations, and policies, including those pertaining to the 911/Enhanced 911 (E911), Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), alert warning systems (including the Emergency Alert System (EAS)), and priority communications (Telecommunications Service Priority/Wireless Service Priority), and works in conjunction with other divisions on matters relating to operability and interoperability for public safety communications, communications infrastructure protection, network security and reliability. In addition, the P&L handles the licensing of spectrum for public safety entities (e.g., policy and fire departments) and related issues. P&L is a primary Bureau point-of-contact with communications companies for rulemaking activities and requests for waiver or interpretation of the Commission’s public safety, homeland security, disaster management, and related rules and policies.

Policy Areas Include:

Policy and Licensing Division:

  • Thomas J. Beers, Chief
  • Zenji Nakazawa, Deputy Chief
  • Michael Wilhelm, Deputy Chief
  • Greg Cooke, Associate Chief