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Public Communications Outreach & Operations Division

Hurricane Evacuation sign surrounded by water

The Public Communications Outreach & Operations Division (PCOOD) manages and leads the FCC's All Hazards emergency preparedness and response activities. PCOOD operates both the FCC's High Frequency Direction Finding Center (HFDFC) and, the FCC Operations Center (FCC OC), a 24x7 operations watch and reporting center. PCOOD staff members are subject matter experts in a variety of technical disciplines and deploy to the field to provide assistance to FEMA, state, local, and tribal governments and the public safety community with disaster response and recovery of communications. PCOOD provides leadership and support for interagency working groups and intergovernmental coordination, and guides FCC COOP, COG, and Pandemic planning. Staff members also work with industry and state representatives on development of state plans for implementation of the Emergency Alert System.

Operations areas include:

Communications Information:

William Lane, Chief Engineer and Chief

Allan Manuel, Deputy Chief

Tim Perrier, Associate Chief, Security and Operations

Steve Maguire, Associate Chief, Plans and Programs


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